Brighten your complexion with konko! Pure turmeric grains of spring turmeric, autumn turmeric, purple turmeric

300,000 members only by word of mouth

Curcumin-rich turmeric from Indonesia, also known as "medicine turmeric"

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Fermented / roasted pure turmeric granules Initial limited sale 2,000 tablets approx. 90 days

Repeat rate over 80.5%
We will release thick turmeric grains that have not been diluted with any bulking agents or coagulants (*) that 300,000 people have loved!

* Lactose, sucrose, fatty acid esters, reduced malt water syrup, starch, shellac

Turmeric grains from Yaeyama Herb Garden are not health foods that are mass-produced using bulking agents and coagulants.

Genuinely, it is a turmeric grain that does not contain any additives that our company has completed over 15 years of quality improvement.

Since processing and manufacturing are performed carefully without using a coagulant, the number of productions at one time is limited, and a lot of quality inspections are performed for each production. Please note that it may be out of stock.

  • A blend of turmeric from Indonesia, which has a very high curcumin content, also known as "medicinal turmeric", and turmeric from Ishigaki Island, Okinawa
  • Spring turmeric (kyoou), purple turmeric (gajutsu), autumn turmeric (turmeric) three kinds of turmeric well-balanced
  • Fermented with 12 kinds of lactic acid bacteria and carefully roasted by hand, so the active ingredients are greatly increased
  • No pesticides or food additives that could damage your health at all, so it's safe enough for your child to drink
  • Because it does not use coagulants, it is easily soluble in water and has excellent digestion and absorption
  • There is no bitterness and it is easy to drink due to the slightly fragrant smell
  • You can feel the power of turmeric for 55 yen per day for the first limited special price

  • Because it is a high-purity turmeric grain that does not use any preservatives, it is contained in a special container that does not transmit light or heat.

    ? The next day you drink, you will be ill until evening
    ? It is hard to get up every morning because I can not get tired even when I sleep
    ? I want to work energetic from the morning the day after drinking
    ?I don't want to stop drinking because it is the only stress release
    ? Tried other companies' turmeric food, but did not realize the effect

    For those who want to drink turmeric that does not contain any harmful additives, please read the following if you are looking for a safe product.

    With a repeat rate of over 80.5%, 300,000 people have been drinking and drinking, and we have released information on “fermented and roasted pure turmeric grains” that have not been diluted with a bulking agent or coagulant at all ...

    Rare turmeric grains with special attention to safety

    One of the points we are particular about is "do not use any artificial additives such as bulking agents, coagulants, coloring agents, etc., that may damage your health . "
    Because, until now, `` I tried a variety of health foods, but after drinking I got eczema and I couldn't feel the effect in the first place and I was just rested. ''
    We have received many voices from customers.

    Why can't I get healthy by eating "healthy foods"?

    Why do people who take health foods to become healthy not only have an effect but also have an allergic reaction?

    The main reasons are the soil and pesticides that grow the raw materials, and food additives.

    Health food sales are one of the businesses, so companies consider cost reduction (cost cut). First, you need to use cheap raw materials to keep production costs down. However, in the case of crops, cheap raw materials are often low in nutrients and soaked in pesticides.

    Crops grow with plenty of nutrients in the soil. So, after harvest, the land is out of nutrients. Therefore, after harvest, the land must be rested for one year to restore the nutrients of the soil. This is called fallow.

    But companies only buy cheap crops, so farmers are forced to continue growing and harvesting without resting the land. Crop cultivated on land where no nutrients have not been restored without fallow have, of course, low nutritional value.

    They also use plenty of pesticides to kill insects and weeds to reduce labor costs. Pesticides that kill insects and plants can't hurt the human body.

    Companies that pursue profits only introduce additional harmful substances during the processing stage. We use additives such as coagulants and extenders to make products that look good and easy.

    Health foods produced in such a way are on the market in large quantities.

    In a sense, it is quite natural that ingestion of "healthy foods", which are low in nutritive value and abundant in pesticides and additives, do not feel effective or cause allergic reactions such as eczema and asthma. is

    If you manage to spend your stressful days drinking with alcohol, there is also important news ...

    Let 's talk about the truth of the health food industry .

    At present, many turmeric products are circulating in Japan, and you can buy turmeric drinks that are running TV commercials at convenience stores, but most of the sales are invested in advertising expenses, and the value of the products themselves is Be aware that it is extremely low .

    The amount of active ingredients contained in the product is very small, and is closer to soft drink than healthy food.

    Continuing to consume such turmeric products is the same as wasting money.

    Thinking, "I'm OK because I'm drinking turmeric," and if I repeatedly consume more than an appropriate amount of alcohol, it can cause serious damage to my body (particularly the liver, etc.).

    Two important points to note

    It is not limited to turmeric, but the following two precautions must be taken when choosing health foods.

    1. Are the raw materials from the country of origin blessed with meteorological conditions used? <BR> Turmeric has no substitute for Indonesia, which is close to the equator and has abundant soil minerals. Ishigaki Island is also a good place for turmeric cultivation, with its subtropical climate and coral soil. It is necessary to check whether the ingredients that have been transmitted to the land for a long time and whose efficacy and safety have been scientifically proven are cultivated under strict safety management.

    2. Are there any non-natural additives that have the potential to damage your health? <BR> Many health foods contain additives such as coagulants, bulking agents and preservatives. However, ingesting health foods full of additives will adversely affect your health. You need to make sure that you are not using any of these harmful additives.

    However, only a handful of health foods meet these two points. As a result, health foods that are supposed to be consumed for health often cause poor health.

    Health foods can be toxic, especially if you are allergic.

    That is ...

    There is a need for health foods that eliminate pesticides and additives .

    Our Yaeyama herb garden, as the same health food distributor, was very concerned about the fact that there are few safe health foods.
    That's why I have always been responsible for everything from soil creation to fertilizer selection, processing and manufacturing, and I've been very particular about thorough safety management.

    Turmeric grains with thorough removal of pesticides and additives

    We started turmeric product development about 16 years ago (1998).
    We have been paying attention to the medicinal properties of turmeric, which has been cultivated in Okinawa for more than 250 years, and started turmeric cultivation by opening our own farm on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

    Left: At our own farm on Ishigaki Island, Right: With turmeric farmers on Ishigaki Island

    Important points that determine the quality of turmeric are temperature, humidity, and soil. Ishigaki Island is a sanctuary for turmeric cultivation that meets these three conditions at a high level, with coral-rich mineral rich soil, strong sunlight and moderate rainfall.

    In 1999, Ishigakijima-produced pure turmeric was released. At that time, it was sold as "powder". However, at the beginning of the release, the only customer feedback was "bitter," "bad," and "difficult to drink." The “pure turmeric” made from seed potatoes over the past year did not sell at all, and stocks piled up inside the company.

    Powdered turmeric that did not sell at all as "hard to drink"

    Still we did not give up. At that time, I was already convinced that if I drink turmeric, the result would be. We believed that if we could develop "Easy-to-Drink Turmeric," we would surely be pleased with many people.

    With additives such as coagulants and bulking agents, it is easy to make products that are easy to drink and look good. However, that is contrary to the belief that Yaeyama Herb Garden has been protecting since its founding 80 years, "it does not use any artificial additives that have any potential to damage health."

    Offers easy-to-drink turmeric at an affordable price without using any additives.

    First of all, we decided to improve the varieties of raw materials with the guidance of Dr. Yukio Ishimine, director of the Agricultural Research Laboratory at the University of the Ryukyus, who was at the time a leader in turmeric cultivation research .

    Turmeric has nothing to beat the country of origin, which enjoys a climate near the equator. I brought turmeric native to the tropics from around the world, such as Guam and Indonesia, to the stone wall, and continued my research for five years.

    Professor of Ishimine, Faculty of Agriculture, University of the Ryukyus and our representative, Shiraishi

    At the same time, we worked on technology development for processing powdered turmeric into granules in order to eliminate the difficulty of drinking peculiar to powder.

    Many granular foods that are generally on the market are hardened with glue-like additives called coagulants. In fact, it is very difficult to make grain food without any additives.

    We introduced state-of-the-art German granular food production machines at the time, but in the early days we could only produce products that were brittle and crumbled.

    "Is it impossible to make granules without using a coagulant ..."

    While trying to give up many times, he repeatedly experimented and failed with fine adjustment of pressure and temperature. After five years of trial and error, we succeeded in developing a granular turmeric food without any additives.

    The difference between a product using a coagulant and pure turmeric without any additives is obvious.

    There is an experimental video that compares pure fermented and roasted turmeric grains and turmeric grains from other companies at the same time in 36 ° C hot water and compares how they dissolve.

    Turmeric grains from other companies that are hardened using a coagulant do not readily dissolve. In other words, it is difficult to digest and absorb. Conversely, our pure turmeric grains dissolve in about 10 seconds when put in hot water.
    Therefore, it is easy to realize the effect.

    Fermentation and roasting make it easier to drink and significantly increase the active ingredients

    We also worked on the development of fermentation and roasting technology under the guidance of Professor Fujiya Hongo, a former emeritus professor of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of the Ryukyus, who was an authority on food fermentation technology, in order to produce powerful and easy-to-drink turmeric food.

    Professor Fujiya Hongo, Professor Emeritus of the University of the Ryukyus and local farmers in Ishigaki, our representative Shiraishi

    Fermentation is a method of breaking down organic matter with the help of microorganisms to increase nutrients and turn them into more tasty foods . Miso, natto, yogurt and cheese are also fermented foods.

    As a result of our research, we have decided to adopt a method that uses 12 types of useful bacteria (*), such as sugarcane, molasses and lactic acid bacteria from Ishigaki Island, and ferment them slowly over 24 hours.

    When turmeric is fermented, the mineral content increases significantly compared to the raw state. In addition, calcium is 6 times more, and various minerals such as phosphorus, iron, sodium, magnesium, and zinc, which are often lacking in modern people, are greatly increased.

    In addition, the fermented turmeric not only improves the active ingredients, but also eliminates bitterness and has a mild taste.

    * 12 kinds of useful bacteria used for fermentation with pure fermented and roasted turmeric grains
    Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus helveticus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus fermentum, Enterococcus faecium, Enterococcus faecalis, Lactococcus lactis, Pediococcus acidilactic escoicoide, peaceococcus acidilactici penis

    In addition, inspired by coffee and tea, we have developed our own roasting technology. By roasting, dietary fiber and minerals have been improved, and fragrance has been added, and the concept of “turmeric with easy-to-drink and concentrated active ingredients” has been approaching as much as possible.

    Meet Indonesian turmeric

    However, an accident hit us when we were finding a ray of light in the development of “easy to drink and high quality turmeric grains”.

    Typhoon No. 19, which hit Ishigaki Island in 2003, caused severe damage to turmeric cultivation. The supply of raw materials became impossible and the production of turmeric grains was completely stopped for nearly two years.

    The customer who had been drinking was inconvenienced, and the phone continued to ring, saying, "When should I get it?"

    This is the first time we have turned abroad as a turmeric cultivation area. By contracting with a pesticide-free farm in Indonesia, which is the country of origin of turmeric, we embarked on local cultivation.

    Indonesia near the equator is an ideal environment for turmeric cultivation. Indonesian turmeric boasts an overwhelming amount of both curcumin and essential oil components compared to other local turmeric, and is also known as "medicinal turmeric".

    We were obsessed with the attractiveness of Indonesian turmeric and continued turmeric cultivation in Indonesia even after the turmeric farm on Ishigaki Island was restored. Then, in 2004, we released “fermented and roasted pure turmeric grains”, which is a blend of turmeric from Ishigaki Island and Indonesia.

    There are reasons to keep selling to 300,000 people just by word of mouth

    No matter how high quality turmeric you are, you will not be able to tell how the pure fermented and roasted turmeric grains from Yaeyama Herb Garden differ from competitors' products without objective evidence.

    For products sold by our company, we ask specialized organizations for data analysis on their active ingredients, nutrients and efficacy, and disclose the analysis results to everyone.

    In addition, everyone who likes and drinks our turmeric has received the following impressions.

    I think you've suffered from trying any of the turmeric foods with no effect or having an allergic reaction.

    "All health foods cause allergies"

    "But it's hard to cover all the nutrients in a meal"

    "I want to find high-quality health food that I can drink with confidence."

    I hope that he discovered "fermented and roasted pure turmeric grains".

    We were blessed with the best partners, Fujiya Hongo, Yukio Ishimine, and farmers in Ishigaki Island and Indonesia, and were able to develop “fermented and roasted pure turmeric grains”.

    With this product, you have the confidence to impress you. You no longer have to pay for turmeric food that is just a rest.

    A “pure” and “highly concentrated” turmeric grain that stands out from other companies' products. If you actually drink it, you will feel the effect.

    However, I don't think "I'm OK if you deliver turmeric".

    We have made every effort to ensure a stable supply since we were forced to suspend sales of turmeric food in the typhoon of 2003.

    However, please keep in mind that pure fermented and roasted turmeric grains may be temporarily out of stock for the following three reasons.

    Reason 1. Not mass-produced

    At Yaeyama Herb Garden, we have a desire to sell only the highest quality health foods that are thoroughly focused on safety.

    Therefore, thorough safety management, from soil creation to cultivation methods and selection of fertilizers, is performed without pesticides and completely without additives, so mass production and mass shipment are not possible.

    If you think of selling health foods as "money making," it is easy to purchase a large amount of low-nutrition turmeric that uses plenty of pesticides and harden it with a coagulant.

    But that goes against our beliefs.

    And above all, there are 300,000 customers who love drinking because it is a safe turmeric that uses no pesticides or additives.

    For customers who have supported Yaeyama Herb Garden for over 80 years, we believe that we have a responsibility to continue to provide products that exceed customer satisfaction.

    Therefore, compared to other companies' turmeric foods, the production number is considerably smaller.

    Reason 2. Sudden bulk orders may be placed

    “Fermented / roasted pure turmeric grains” have earned the trust of both domestic and foreign customers as highly safe and rare turmeric grains. Customers have visited not only Japan but also Los Angeles and Honolulu in the United States.

    Therefore, sometimes, when a large order is placed for some reason, turmeric grains may be temporarily out of stock.

    Reason 3. Some cases do not pass quality inspection

    We use raw materials grown completely free of pesticides, but natural materials are subject to variability in quality and may sometimes fail to pass inspection.

    In that case, out of stock may occur in combination with reasons 1 and 2.

    We do not know when to sell, so we make every effort to ensure a stable supply, but please understand that sudden orders may become "order unacceptable."

    We want to provide the highest quality turmeric grains even at the risk of running out of stock.

    This is what Yaeyama Herb Garden thinks about “fermented and roasted pure turmeric grains”.

    These turmeric grains are bottled from the highest quality raw materials grown on fertile soils in Indonesia and Ishigaki Island without any additives.

    A turmeric that is safe and effective. We recommend with confidence.

    Copyright c 2013 Yaeyama Yakusouen All rights reserved.
    Turmeric / Okinawa turmeric is pure turmeric